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Korean Child Care Project

Project Description: CPC Early Childhood Learning and Wellness will expand education, outreach, training, and technical assistance to:

  • Support the success of Korean American family child care providers and potential providers and, to:
  • Meet the growing need for licensed, high-quality child care services for families, especially those in Manhattan and Queens.

Summary of Activities: provide support, technical assistance, and on-site coaching, grants, and resources to supporting Korean American child care providers. The work will reach at least 65 people a year through general education and outreach, and one-on-one technical support, specifically through the following activities:

  • Providing 20 prospective Korean American family child care providers with (1) three-hour face-to-face orientations (2 to 4 sessions annually), a requirement of OCFS and NYC DOHMH for persons who want to apply for a license, and (2) Technical assistance pre- and post-the licensing application process (20 hours);
  • Providing 15 current Korean American family child care providers with assessment-based technical assistance, including a pre-and post-assessment using an Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) or another quality-assessment tool (completed over three-nine months);
  • Business Quality and Sustainability Training;
  • 10 Start-Up Grants at $250 each 
  • 10 Quality Improvement Grants  

About the Korean American Community Foundation 

The Korean American Community Foundation® (KACF) was founded in 2002 by a group of Korean American leaders in New York with a simple idea: an organization that helps fellow Koreans and gives back to the community.

The goal was to address challenges in the community by raising funds for programs serving under-resourced Korean American individuals and families, while also mobilizing community members to embrace a culture of giving

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