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Family Child Care (FCC) Network

Funded by the New York City Department of Education, Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. (CPC) has been contracted to operate three Family Child Care (FCC) Networks in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. The FCC Networks assist families in applying for subsidized child care and help parents find high-quality in-network family child care providers for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old.

The Family Child Care Network is a component of the Early Childhood Learning & Wellness Services (ECLW) and is housed at CPC Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens Community Centers. The goals are to promote children’s holistic development with high-quality learning in safe, healthy home environments; help families access child care that meets their diverse needs; support staff to understand Family Child Care Providers’ (FCCPs) needs; monitor program delivery; and increase the capacity of FCCPs to provide children with high-quality education through training on childcare regulations, research-supported curricula, and responsive caregiving. 

Each FCC Network supports a system of Family Child Care Providers (FCCPs) who provide home-based family child care services at their home. To ensure FCCPs are supported to perform at their best, the FCC Network Education Director and Education Specialist visit the provider’s program regularly to provide on-site counseling and coaching, and the Network Monitoring Specialist conducts monthly Monitoring Checklists. The checklist ensures providers are up to code on health and safety practices and required administrative paperwork and documentation. To increase the capacity of FCCPs to provide children with a high-quality education, Network Educational Specialists offer professional development training on child care regulations, research-supported curricula, responsive caregiving, and technical assistance. The Network Education Team also supports Network-affiliated providers in the completion of Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3), implementing DOE’s curriculum through coaching visits and guiding providers in the transition to being part of DOE.

FCC Network Provider Services

  • Extended Day / Extended Year of Care (10-hour Day / 260 Days)
  • Infant & Toddler Care (10 hours per day and 260 school days)
  • Regular 3K (6.2 hours per day and 180 school days)
  • Extended 3K (10 hours per day and 260 school days)
  • Smaller Caregiver-to-Child Ratios
  • More Individual Attention and Care

Parent Enrollment Process
Child Care Assistance Application
Child Care Assistance Submission Checklist
3K In-District Application

You can contact our FCC Network Family Workers to help you with the process of applying for child care subsidy. A Family Worker will assist the family in completing the subsidy child care application, follow up on the case status, and assist the family with childcare resource information. 

Contact Us
Center Location:
Manhattan: 45 Suffolk Street, New York, NY 10002
Brooklyn: 4101 8th Avenue, 3/Flr., Brooklyn, NY 11232
Queens: 133-14 41st Avenue, 9/Flr., Flushing, NY 11355

Telephone Inquiry:
(914) 498-3997 English
(914) 498-4022 Chinese
(914) 498-3767 Spanish

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