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Family Services

Our Family Child Care Network is contracted by the Department of Education to provide additional support service to eligible families in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our Network will assist parents in finding quality family childcare that meets their family’s individual needs. 

Our Network provides families with educational and developmental information to help parents understand the different stages of child development. The Network hosts family engagement activities to engage families into their child’s learning process, provides individual care per family, and connects parents to community resources. 

Benefits of Family Child Care

  • Licensed home-based providers who have many years of experience in a family child care setting
  • Team of staff connecting providers and families to meet their child’s needs
  • Providing high-quality educational curriculum meeting the standards of Department of Education
  • Connecting families to providers who meet the language and proximity needs of the families
  • Provider who ensures the children’s health, safety, and nutritional needs are met 

How to Apply Subsidized Child Care

Contact the FCC Network Family Worker to assist you with applying for subsidized child care. The Family Worker will assist the family in completing the subsidy child care application, follow up on the case status and provide family with child care resource information. 

Child Care Assistance Application
Child Care Assistance Submission Checklist
3K In-District Application

Enrollment to CPC FCC Network Providers

Providers who are interested in joining our Network to maintain and provide high quality childcare to families, please contact us at: 



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