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Community Recovery And Safety Services (CRSS)

CRSS Overview

The Chinese-American Planning Council’s (CPC) Community and Recovery and Safety Services (CRSS) is housed at Manhattan Community Services and will enhance CPC’s capacity to address unmeant and still-evolving health and safety needs that have increased among low-income Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) families because of the pandemic. The pandemic has disproportionately impacted low-income immigrants, including the majority Asian American population CPC serves. These and other social determinants of health (SDOH), along with the prevalence of anti-Asian violence, have jeopardized the already precarious health and mental health of many AAPIs. CRSS will focus on targeting its services in the NYC catchment area, targeting neighborhoods with high concentrations of AAPIs in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Goals Of CRSS

CPC’s CRSS has three leading goals:

1) Raise community awareness of health and mental health care needs and available services/resources, including those established to offer relief for pandemic-/economic-related issues.

2) Reduce cultural stigma surrounding mental health care and/or reduce/remove barriers to accessing services.

3) Advance efforts to combat anti-Asian violence and reduce the impact of growing insecurity and anxiety among vulnerable Asian Americans that stem from anti-Asian racism.

CRSS Is Committed To Culturally Sensitive Outreach And Education

CPC will expand culturally competent, linguistically appropriate outreach and education to help low-income AAPI individuals feel comfortable talking about health and mental health. CPC offers education and outreach in a culturally sensitive context that will increase community members’ access to mental health care without being deterred by cultural or societal stigmas. CRSS will also raise awareness of available health/mental health resources and inform the community how and where to access services as a critical component of CRSS.

Our outreach involves participating in community events, promoting mental health and anti-AAPI hate awareness, and distributing information and/or resources.

Our education workshops include but are not limited to:
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) 
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Social and Emotional Learning  
  • Mindfulness  
  • Self-care  
  • Trauma-informed Care  
  • Self-defense  
  • Bystander Intervention Training  
  • Anti-AAPI harassment 

Mental Health Screening & Referral

As part of our efforts, CPC will expand its capacity to provide short-term supportive services such as mental health screenings, supportive consultations, and referral navigation for community members.

Our mental health questionnaire will include accredited tools such as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) and Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) and additional questions to gauge the impact AAPI hate and violence have on community members’ well-being.


For more information please contact Amy Eng at or call 934-223-9620. 

This Project is made possible by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and supported by Congresswoman Nydia M. Velázquez.
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