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The Assessment-Based Technical Assistance (ERS) is designed to provide in-depth assessment, observation, and support to programs that strive to improve and provide high standard quality of care to children.

The assessment-based technical assistance services may include a combination of onsite visits, email, fax and telephone calls. Below is a general overview of the onsite visit process.

  • First Visit – Meet with the program director and classroom teachers chosen to participate in on-site ERS, discuss ERS process, answer questions, explain the role of CPC-ACCR staff as a colleague, & arrange observation visit.
  • Second Visit – A three-hour classroom observation is conducted using an Environmental Rating Scale  (ECERS, FCCERS or ITERS) and following the observation, a meeting with teachers and/or the director regarding questions that may need further clarification.
  • Third Visit – Observation findings sent prior to the visit. Review observation findings at convenient time questions etc. with the director, teachers or a family child care provider choose two or three areas of focus for training and technical assistance leading to improving quality.
  • Fourth & Fifth Visits – Post-technical assistance in training. Process grant applications for materials and discuss next steps & continuous improvement.

This general overview is not absolute, there can be three to six different sessions/visits during the course of three to six months. Our staff can be flexible to accommodate your program’s needs and schedule.

Score Sheets & Action Given to Participating Program

Observation score sheets and action plan will be compiled into a report using either ECERS-R, ITERS-R, or FCCERS-R. The score sheets & action plan will be given to the center/program prior to the last visit. These reports are intended for internal use only.

Additional Benefits for Participating Program:

  • You may apply for the Learning Environment Quality Improvement Grant, Business Quality Improvement Grant,  and or the Heath Care Consultancy Grant) for specialized training and educational supplies/materials;
  • Training offered through these grants are Medication Administration (EpiPen and Emergency Medication are included), First Aid/CPR, Infection Control, Health & Safety…;
  • Free services by our Registered Nurse on developing or revising a Health Care Plan.

Qualifications of CPC-ACCR Staff Conducting Assessment-based Technical Assistance:

  • MA or BA in Early Childhood Education or Related Field
  • Certified Observers in ECERS, ITERS, FCCERS
  • Certified CLASS Observers
  • SUNNY Certified Trainer in Health & Safety
  • Certified American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Trainer
  • Certified MAT Trainer and Registered Nurse.

*Note: Currently, ECLW is still accepting applications for those who are interested to participate. For more information, please contact the Provider Service Coordinator, Ms. Jessica Chen, at 212-941-0030 ext. 204 or send email to; or Infant Toddler Service Coordinator, Ms. Xiao Wu, at 212-941-0030 ext. 261 or send email to

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