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Participate in Yale University’s Infant Toddler Social-Emotional Study

Participate in Yale University’s Infant-Toddler Social-Emotional Study!

The Early Childhood Learning & Wellness Services of the Chinese American Planning Council is participating in a study called the I-T CHILD with Yale University’s Child Study Center, funded by the Robin Hood Foundation, is looking to recruit 40 NYC licensed family childcare providers with at least one student under the age of 3. The goal of this study is to improve infant and toddler social-emotional outcomes by increasing the quality of family/group family child-care settings using the IT-CHILD assessment tool and model from the Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program.

We will be hosting an information session on February 8, 2022, and February 9, 2022, from 2 pm to 3 pm. We will host a Chinese session on February 15, 2022. See the flyer for more information on how to enroll in this study. To register for the information session, please complete the form by clicking on the link:

華策會的早期教育與健康服務部正在參與由耶魯大學兒童研究中心開發的一項名為“促進嬰幼兒學習和發展的健康互動”(IT CHILD)的研究項目。該研究由羅賓漢基金會資助,正在尋求招募 40名紐約市持牌家庭托兒人員,受託的小孩中至少有一個是 3歲以下的小孩。此研究的目的是通過使用 IT-CHILD 評估工具和嬰幼兒心理健康諮詢計劃的模型來提高家庭/集體家庭托兒的服務質量,從而促進嬰幼兒的社交-情感發展。

我們將於2022年2月8日和 2月9 日下午2 點至3 點舉辦信息發布會。中文信息會將於2022年2月15日舉辦。有關如何參加本研究的更多信息,請參閱宣傳單。如要參加信息會,請點擊鏈接填寫報名表格:

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