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The Consortium is seeking an individual to serve as its director. The primary responsibility of the director at the current time is to develop and implement a diversified strategy to broaden recognition of the Consortium’s services and contributions among key stakeholders.

Relevant stakeholder groups include elected public officials at the city and state levels, New York City agency leadership, private funders, and major organizations in the city who provide similar or complementary services. To reach and engage these stakeholders, the director, working closely with the Consortium agency executives and program directors, may prepare written materials, organize events and forums that highlight the Consortium, make presentations to relevant groups, meet individual leaders in public agencies and foundations, and generally represent the Consortium.

Required qualifications and experience:

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NYC CCRC History

In 1993, Child Care, Inc. (the Center for Children’s Initiatives), Child Development Support Corporation, Chinese-American Planning Council, the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, and the Day Care Council of New York came together to create the NYC CCR&R Consortium (now as NYC CCRC Consortium), agreeing to work together to coordinate funding and city-wide program activities.

This proactive stance was undertaken primarily because of the New York State Office of Children and Family Service’s decision to fund five agencies in New York City and give them the responsibility of designing a CCRC program model that could work in New York City.

Each organization brings a unique set of skills to its CCRC work. This includes targeted work in Latino, Haitian, and Asian communities; outreach to employers and unions; participation in public policy advocacy; and intensive understanding of the multiple complexities of the child care and early education service delivery systems.

These activities help to enrich our multiple roles in the community as a resource to parents, service providers, and the public sector. Over the past 30 years, we have worked hard to improve and enhance our services to families and child care programs.

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Child Care Provider Resource Days

CPC-ACCR and our The NYC CCR&R Consortium partner agencies organize annual Child Care Provider Resource Day (PRD), which is an informal professional development day to gather information and resources for child care business; opportunities to attend short information sessions on various topics throughout the day; Department of Health Bureau of Child Care, NYC Poison Center, Early Intervention agencies, business insurance representatives, and many more.
Staff members who speak Chinese and Spanish will be on-site. More information

Child Care in NYC: An Analysis of Child Care Supply and Demand by Neighborhood

On February 2018, the NYC CCR&R Consortium released a Mapping New York City’s Child Care Needs
Meeting the needs of young children and their families for safe, accessible, affordable, and appropriate care and education services is challenging in all communities across the United States. This is particularly true when there are significant language and cultural changes in a neighborhood from substantial numbers of immigrants moving into the city from other countries, or movement of clusters of immigrant families from one neighborhood to another.
The Consortium’s work in responding to families and working with those providing or seeking to provide early care and education addresses these issues. Parent counselors provide each family with information and support, not only in identifying possible child care programs, but also in determining how best to make child care arrangements that meet their individual circumstances and needs. By providing resources and individualized technical assistance to staff of child care programs, the Consortium helps expand the supply and increase the quality of child care providers and programs that can meet those family needs.
The Consortium uses mapping information to: inform our work in local communities, prioritize and target our child care development activities and enable us to reach the families in need of child care services within those communities.
We hope that our findings will be helpful to others working in local communities as well as policy makers and city planners, in responding to the needs of NYC families and children.
Mapping New York City’s Child Care Needs
The following information is provided, in order, in the links that follow:
  • Number of Children Living in Households that Receive Benefits
  • Number of Children Living with One or More Foreign-born Parents
  • Number of Family Households Between 200 and 300% of Poverty
  • Number of Family Households at less than 200% of Poverty
  • Common Foreign Languages People Speak at Home
  • Median Family Income
  • Total Number of Children (age 0 to 11)
  • Number of Foreign-born People
  • Number of People Who Speak a Non-English Language at Home and Speak
  • English less than “Very Well”
  • Number of Women Who Gave Birth in the Last Year
Infant Toddler Resource Center
The New York City Infant Toddler Resource Center is a program of the New York City Child Care Resource & Referral Consortium, funded by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Consortium members include Child Development Support Corporation, Chinese American Planning Council, Committee for Hispanic Children and Families Inc. and the Day Care Council of New York.
One of seven regional centers in New York State, its goal is to enhance the quality of infant-toddler care by:
  • Providing a coordinated approach to training & professional development in all early care and education settings, in multiple languages for potential & existing childcare professionals.
  • Providing center and home-based infant toddler programs, on-site, intensive technical assistance as a quality improvement strategy using standardized tools such as the Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS -R) and Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale (FCCERS-R) to assess needs, and measure quality improvement.
  • Expanding coordination & partnerships with the public and private groups/agencies with a goal of improving the care of infants, toddlers, and their families.
Annual Citywide Infant Toddler Conference
The NYC CCR&R Consortium organizes Annual Citywide Infant Toddler Conference Information
The New York City Child Care Resource & Referral Consortium is funded by the New York State Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS).
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