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“一條龍”的服務模式–幫助您成为持牌的家庭托儿人员和開辦家庭托儿所 – “One-Stop-Shop”-Help You to Acquire A License to Open Your Family Child Care Business

華策會托兒諮詢轉介部(ACCR)與教師聯合總會 (UFT) 聯合開辦免費的[紐約州立大學衛生與安全訓練]。本訓練為想要在紐約州成為持牌的集體/家庭托兒人員的人士提供。完成訓練之後,學員將獲得衛生與安全訓練證書。我們的訓練課程有中文,英文,西班牙文及韓文。



免費的“家庭托兒講座”及[紐約州立大學衛生與安全訓練]在法拉盛及曼哈頓唐人街的華策會辦事處均有舉辦。請和華策會托兒諮詢轉介部譚先生聯繫及報名,電話:(212)941-0030, 分機:160 (電子郵箱:ktam@cpc-nyc.org或簡小姐,分機:161(電子郵箱你也可以親臨華策會托兒部辦事處:曼哈頓唐人街165號愛烈治街(165 Eldridge Street)。 專線 電話是917-214-3930 和本部門的微信是 917-607-2386

CPC-ACCR offers the “One-Stop-Shop” services to assist you to meet the required training for a license from the NYC DOHMH to open your own family child care business. We offer the required “Orientation” and the 15-hour SUNY Health & Safety training in Chinese on a monthly basis. The 15-hour Health & Safety training is also offered in English, Spanish and Korean. With funding from the United Federation of Teachers, we are able to offer these training free of charge. Additionally, we provide technical assistance to guide you through your application process. For training schedule and details, please contact Mr. Kevin Tam, at 212-941-0030 ext. 160 or email him at; or contact Ms. Jessica Jian, Program Assistant, at ext. 161 or email her at Click here to learn more.


Quality Grant Opportunity:

Home-based child care providers can apply for a $500 Child Care Quality Improvement Grant! You may select books, toys, safety equipment and other materials for your child care program.


Informal (legally-exempt) child care providers: You may be eligible if you are currently an active, informal (legally-exempt) provider since February 1, 2018, and you have completed one of these three classes:

  • CPR /first aid class;
  • 5-hour health and safety e-learning class; or
  • Legally Exempt Training workshop taken after Aug. 1, 2017.

You may download this grant application at here. You may choose one of the following ways to submit your grant application to us:

By Mail:

Attn: Mr. Kevin Tam


165 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

By Fax: 212-343-9567

By Email:

This grant is funded through the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), brought to you by the United Federation of Teachers.

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