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Chidcare CPC

Child Care Desert Grant

Are you opening a child care program? Will you be operating in a NYS child care desert? You may be eligible for the Child Care

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Chidcare CPC

CPC Family Child Care Networks Helping Parents Find High-Quality Network-Affiliated Family Child Care Providers for Children Aged 6-Weeks to 3 Years Old.

華策會家庭托兒聯繫網正在協助家庭申請政府資助的托兒, 並協助2021年秋季3-K計劃申請。我們協助有資格獲得政府補助資金的父母尋找高素質網絡附屬家庭托兒人員, 為6週至3歲的兒童提供托兒服務. 分佈於曼哈頓、布魯克林和皇后區的130個家庭托兒人員(能說多種語言) 常規的3歲–幼稚園 – 每天6.2個小時,180個教學日 延長的3歲–幼稚園 – 每天10個小時,260個教學日 照顧人員與兒童的比例更低 個人關注和照顧更多 立即聯繫我們! 華策會家庭 托兒聯繫網 212-941-0030 分機:248 Mandarin   Cantonese   ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Do you have children (3K-born in 2018)? New York City Department of Education

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