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Early Childhood Learning & Wellness Services (ECLW) is one of the programs offered by the Manhattan Community Services of the Chinese-American Planning Council, Inc. It is also a member of the New York City Child Care Resource & Referral Consortium, that is composed of four child care resource and referral agencies in New York City.

ECLW provides free and low-cost culturally sensitive child care resource and referral services to children and families and is committed to improving the quality of child care services as well as providing a wide range of free technical assistance in addition to free or low-cost training and professional development opportunities for child care programs, providers and potential providers.

Staff Position Phone Extension
Sumon Chin ECLW Director & Deputy Director of Manhattan Community Services 207
Ben Deng Program Manager 249
Max Servetas Community Coordinator 457
Jessica Jian Program Assistant 161
Cathy Yu Receptionist 201
Annie Zhu Translator 162
FCC & Early Childhood  Services

Jessica Chen Provider Service Coordinator 204
Helen Zhu Provider Specialist 225
Susan Chen Provider Specialist 284
Kevin Tam Training Coordinator 160
Henry Kam Program Counselor 248
Betsy Cheng Program Counselor 219
Charlie Tam Program Counselor
Infant-Toddler & Mental Health Services

Amy Eng Infant-Toddler Mental Health Consultant
Xiao Wu Infant Toddler Service Coordinator 246
Kimmy Cheung Infant-Toddler Specialist 237
Health Care Services

Linda Wu, RN Health Care Consultant 227
Family Services

Cui Ming Chen Parent Service Coordinator 228
Bernie Chen Family Engagement  Counselor 239

Ben Deng Program Manager 249
Joe Chen Database Coordinator 261
TBH Database Assistant 162

Kevin Tam Training Coordinator 160
Yvonne Chiu Outreach Coordinator 241
Steven Tam Training Assistant 162

ECLW is funded by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), you may visit OCFS for more information regarding funding source. Training is funded by the United Federation of Teachers.

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