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Technical Assistance For Family Child Care Providers
ACCR is offering FREE on-site assessment-based technical assistance to a limited number of family child care
providers who care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years. Materials supporting best practices and Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS-R, ECERS-R & ITERS-R) will be used for program enhancement and professional development.

Assessment-based Technical Assistance for Licensed Child Care Programs:


—  First Visit – Meet with the program director and classroom teachers chosen to participate in on-site TA, discuss TA process, answer questions, role of the TA Specialist as a colleague & arrange observation visit.

—  Second Visit – A three-hour classroom observation is conducted using an Environmental Rating Scale and following the observation, an interview with teachers and/or the director regarding questions that could not be answered by observation alone.

—  Third visit – Observation findings sent prior to the visit. Review observation findings at convenient time questions etc. with director, teachers choose two or three areas of focus for training and technical assistance leading to improving quality.

—  Four visit: Post- technical assistance classroom observation using the same rating scale from the first visit. Observe only areas targeted for TA, share findings with director and teachers, discus possible next steps & continuous improvement.

Report Given to Participating Program

Observation findings will be compiled into a report using either ECERS, ITERS or FCCER. The report will be given to the participating program prior to last visit.

Additional Benefits for Participating Program:

  • CPC-ACCR will provide two grants Quality Assessment-based Improvement Grant and or the Heath Care Consultancy Grant) for specialized trainings and educational supplies/materials;
  • Trainings offered through these grants are Medication Administration, First Aid/CPR, Infection Control, Health & Safety…;
  • Free services by our Registered Nurse on developing or revising a Health Care Plan.

Qualifications of CPC-ACCR Staff Conducting Assessment-based Technical Assistance:

  • Minimum BA in Early Childhood Education or Related Field;
  • Certified Trainer in ECERS, ITERS, FCCER, or SSCERS;
  • Certified Trainer in Health & Safety;
  • Certified First Aid and CPR Trainer;
  • Certified MAT Trainer and Registered Nurse.

*Note: Currently, CPC-ACCR is still accepting applications for those who are interested to participate. For more information, please contact Provider Coordinator, Ms. Jessica Chen, at 212-941-0030 ext. 204 or send email to jchen@cpc-nyc.org; or Provider Specialist, Ms. Helen Zhu, at 212-941-0030 ext. 2225 or send email to hzhu@cpc-nyc.org.

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