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Focusing on improving the quality of child care service, ACCR provides training, technical assistance, healthcare consultancy, and professional development opportunities for child care programs and support early care professionals throughout New York City.
*Provide “Family Child Care Orientation” and “New York State Health & Safety Training” to potential child care professionals
with the goal of increasing the supply and improve the quality of child care and early childhood services.
*Offer information on regulations for starting and operating a home-based child care business.
*Supportive and Intensive Technical Assistance to meet each program’s individual needs.
*Provide professional Assessment-based Technical Assistance which is designed to use various observational and assessment
tools such as CLASS and Environmental Rating Scales for in-depth assessment, skill building, and support child care programs.
*Provide professional development opportunities and other educational training to family child care providers and early
childhood educators.
*Infant and Toddler Services and Resource Center.
*Start-up/Health & Safety and Quality Assessment Improvement grant opportunities focused on program quality improvement and
*Health Care Consultancy, Medication Administration Training, and Health Care Plan Development.
*Information on the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).
*Information on scholarships such as the Educational Incentive Program (EIP) for training and professional development.

Assessment-based Technical Assistance:

The Consortium provides Intensive Technical Assistance services to child care providers/programs on their specific needs in areas such as best practices for providing child care, indicators of quality child programs, information on business administration practices and regulations governing program compliance issues specific to that program. The Consortium provides Assessment-based Technical Assistance to providers/programs that are participating in a quality improvement project that includes a pre and post-assessment using an Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) or other quality-assessment tools. These projects are completed over a period of time, usually three to six months in length.

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